Bergen arches

Works with public officials and other community groups to gain public access to the Bergen Arches, a 17-acre historic rail-cut bordering Journal Square that has not been used for rail service since 1957. Our goal is to create a public green space with a bike path, walkway, benches and other amenities. Chair: Bill Armbruster


Periodically reviews and updates our by-laws. Amendments to the by-laws must be approved by our members. Chair: Ruth Adams


Aims to ensure that sidewalks, streets and properties within our boundaries are clean, litter free and properly maintained through education and enforcement. Chair: Renee Tirella Cassidy


Maintains our website and social media handles. Chair: Akisia Grigsby

Construction and planning

Works with the city and developers to maximize the public benefit of any new construction in the neighborhood. Chair: Chris Lamm


Seeks to engage, educate and inspire residents about the rich history of Journal Square through speaking series and walking tours. It is the lead organizer for the first annual Bergen Square Day, which will be held May 18, 2019.  Chair: James Dievler


Serves as a liaison between the residents and the police, as well as pushing projects to increase street safety. Chair: Tom Zuppa

senior citizens

 Educates senior citizens about challenges and opportunities, including city services for seniors. Chair: Maryann Von Roth